What You Won’t Notice About a Casino


Many people enjoy the anonymity of a casino, and a camera in hand can be a welcome addition. While casinos used to be camera-shy, they have loosened their rules and no-photography zones are no longer enforced. Previously, casinos feared losing players who got caught taking pictures of the gaming floor. Nowadays, gambling is a widely accepted pastime, and casinos are no exception. Most casinos are located on public right-of-ways, so you may have trouble separating the gaming floor from the rest of the building. Smoking is also a welcome relief for many smokers, but nonsmokers should avoid the smoke, which is often permeates clothes quickly.

Less expensive comps

As more casinos open in different locations, you’ll find more choices for players looking for more value in their freebies. Some players choose casinos because they enjoy the games they play, others because they want to have fun while staying in a nice hotel. Whatever your reason for choosing a casino, be sure to ask about any freebies offered by the venue. Comps are a great way to reward loyal players and build a stronger bond between you and the establishment.

Free drinks

Free drinks at the casino are something that most Las Vegas guests will not expect to find. The trick to getting frequent drink service is to play near a bartender. The bartender will park near your machine and be more likely to come to you frequently. This tactic will make your casino experience even better. During peak hours, you may even see the cocktail server stopping by your machine to offer you a free drink. The bartenders also tend to be more generous.

Lack of clocks

Casinos lack clocks, because they don’t want players to be distracted by the passage of time. Time is money, and if you suddenly became aware of the passing minutes, you’d probably lose your mortgage payment. Casinos also don’t allow cellphones and wristwatches because they don’t have daylight. In the absence of clocks, time stands still, and people are more likely to lose money if they spend a lot of time at the table.

Lack of windows

One of the things you won’t notice about a casino is its lack of windows. The main purpose of the casino is to draw people in, keep them there for a long time, and increase their odds of winning big money. But the absence of windows in the casino has some advantages as well. First, it gives the place a more pleasant ambiance. Second, casinos don’t have windows that will distract players from feeding their machines. And last, windows can also be distracting to passersby.

House edge

Casino games have a house edge and while this is usually hard to find, it is a very important factor. It is how the casino makes money and keeps the industry going. A casino cannot survive without the house edge and this is the only reason why casinos are not allowed to advertise it. The house edge is a factor in many skill-based games, as well as in regional differences. Here are a few tips to help you reduce the casino house edge.