The Origins of Roullete

The origins of Roullete are obscure, but this game has become a popular casino staple in France and other parts of Europe. Though it may have originated in Italy, the game has now spread throughout Europe and Asia. Learn the basics of this popular French casino game, and then you can join the fun. If you’re unsure of the rules or are simply curious, read on to learn more about the game’s history.


Roulette’s Odds of Winning depend on the number of numbers on the wheel, the type of roulette, and the particular rules of the roulette variant. The European version, with its ‘la partage’ and ‘en prison’ rules, tends to favor the player. The American variant, on the other hand, tends to favor the casino rather than the player. In other words, the European version is considered the best bet for players, with the odds of winning in roulette being much higher than the American version.


The Origins of Roullete have many legends. While the actual origin of this gambling game are largely unknown, roulette has been traced back to France. It is thought to have originated from the French word roulette, which means “little wheel”. The game was invented by Blaise Pascal, a 17th century mathematician and avid gambler. This French game incorporated aspects of other games, such as the spinning wheel game Even-Odd and roly-poly.

Rules of European roulette

To win at European roulette, you must have an understanding of the game’s rules. European roulette is played on a wheel with 37 numbers and one zero pocket. The goal of this type of roulette is to predict which cell the ball will land in, and place your bet accordingly. You can bet on even/odd, red/black, or one number or several numbers. After the ball drops in one of the roulette cells, the screen will display the previous five results.

Rules of Neighbours roulette

When it comes to roulette, one of the most exciting types of betting is the neighbours bet. Neighbours bets are those in which you wager on several numbers in one bet. These bets are popular with experienced roulette players. This bet involves asking the dealer for the rules. Neighbours bets are generally permitted only in certain online roulette games. The rules of neighbours roulette will vary by game, but it is possible to find information on their use in the following.