MMA Betting Tips

mma betting

MMA betting has become a popular way to place wagers on fights. Unlike other sports, MMA is highly unpredictable, with one bad punch or a late decision being enough to tip the scales in favor of a favorite. Because of this, MMA bettors need to pay close attention to the betting odds and match ups.

Odds for a specific fighter can vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, but there are certain tips that can help you make the most out of your wagers. These tips include backing the underdog, handicapping the fighters, and placing a parlay bet.

Underdogs often have better odds than favorites in MMA, but it is important to watch for trending betting trends and look at past results to determine whether an underdog has a chance of winning the fight. For example, a younger fighter has won 62% of UFC fights since January 2020, while an older fighter has won just 59%.

Older fighters have a better track record than younger ones, but it is still important to watch for trends. A younger fighter may have fought better mixed martial arts opponents than an older fighter has, but they might have less experience and a less polished game plan.

Handicapping a fighter’s style can also give you an edge in betting on MMA matches. Looking at a fighter’s stance, for example, can give you an idea of how they’ll defend their opponent and if that style will be beneficial to them in the fight. This can be especially helpful for Southpaw fighters, who tend to have an advantage over orthodox fighters who are more used to defending their left-hand.

Over/under round bets are another popular MMA betting option, and you can win a bet if you correctly predict the number of rounds in a fight. In a three-round MMA matchup, you’d want to place your bet on under 2.5 rounds so that the fight ends before the time expires in the third round.

Those who want to place bets on MMA can find some of the best MMA betting options at DraftKings Sportsbook, an American-born online sportsbook that offers a variety of MMA props. The site also offers a reliable customer support and a secure and easy-to-use betting platform.

The UFC has a number of great MMA fighters under its wing, and betting on these bouts can be exciting and profitable. You can bet on who will win a fight, how many rounds the fight will last, and if the fighters will submit or KO each other.

Younger fighters can be a great bet for MMA fans who want to make sure that they’re backing a fighter who will have a good chance of winning the fight. A younger fighter can be more explosive and aggressive than an older fighter, which can give them an edge in the octagon.

This can be especially useful when a younger fighter has a more impressive fighting resume than their older counterpart. It can be difficult to figure out whether a fighter has been able to beat more established and higher-level competition, but this table can help you make an educated decision.