MMA Betting

mma betting

With the popularity of MMA, more sportsbooks have started to offer a wide range of wagering options. Some are licensed to operate in regulated US markets and feature industry-standard odds as well as a variety of unique MMA betting markets. Others are dedicated exclusively to the sport and offer a complete UFC betting experience with superior odds and a diverse range of prop bets.

Moneyline betting enables bettors to make simple wagers on which fighter will win a fight. Unlike point spreads in football, where the odds are determined by how many points a team can win, MMA odds are based on the relative strength of two opponents. This makes MMA betting much more straightforward than placing bets on college basketball or NFL games, where the spread can get quite high.

Similarly, over/under totals for MMA fights are set by a bookmaker based on the number of rounds expected to be contested in a particular matchup. The bookmaker sets the Over/Under price by estimating how many rounds will be fought and adding a margin for error, known as the vig or juice. The Over/Under prices for a specific fight are then adjusted accordingly, with the goal being to balance out action on both sides of the market.

When it comes to MMA betting, bettors are often tempted to do what is known as “MMA Math.” This involves comparing the record of two fighters and looking at their past opponents to determine which one should win. However, this type of analysis is flawed and can take attention away from studying fight film and handicapping styles. It can also be misleading if a fighter is fighting in a different climate from where they normally train, as travel can affect a fighter’s performance. This was the case when Fabricio Werdum defeated a gassed-out Cain Velasquez at UFC 188 in Mexico City, where Velasquez trained at a higher altitude while Werdum was accustomed to the conditions.

While there are a number of different betting options for MMA matches, the best place to bet is at an online sportsbook that offers a full range of UFC markets. This includes everything from basic match betting to fun prop bets like “Gone in 60 Seconds.” Once a site is chosen, simply navigate to the sportsbook’s MMA section and select a fight. From there, players can choose their preferred bet and place a wager with the payouts displayed. Some sites even allow same-game parlays, making the process even more convenient.