How to Beat the Dealer and Make Money at Blackjack


There are several different strategies to use when playing blackjack. These strategies are centered around the concept of standing when you think your hand is strong enough. When you decide to stand, you don’t receive any additional cards and wait for the other players to do the same. If other players are standing as well, you can then reveal your hand. Players who keep hitting may end up going bust if they have more than 21 points. In this case, you lose your bet.

Basic strategy

Using a basic blackjack strategy can help you beat the casino and make money. These strategies are not difficult to understand and can be learned in as little as an hour. If you’d like to know more about basic strategy in blackjack, check out our basic blackjack guide. We also cover blackjack card values and the basic strategies for single-deck and multi-deck games. You can also find free blackjack strategy cards at It is important to know what cards the dealer has and how to use them.

Card counting

A technique that uses mathematical formulas to determine the number of cards in a deck is known as card counting. It first became popular in the 1960s when a book called Beat the Dealer by Edward O. Thorp was published. The book has become the bible of blackjack counting. Thorp is considered the father of card counting in blackjack. Unfortunately, many of his methods are not effective anymore because of changes in casino strategy. Casinos no longer deal the last card of the deck.

House edge

The House edge of blackjack is the mathematical advantage the house has over the player. In blackjack, this advantage is usually higher for the banker than for the player. However, there are ways to reduce the house edge. These methods include card counting, getting rated, and asking for comps. You can learn more about these tactics in Blackjack Insider, a free e-newsletter that provides valuable information on blackjack. There are also strategies to minimize the house edge in blackjack.


The house edge in blackjack games is directly related to the number of decks used. A dedicated blackjack counter can use a special strategy to reduce this house advantage by counting cards. A basic blackjack strategy guide will not cover card counting in detail. However, card counting techniques are a viable way to increase your chances of winning. The MIT Blackjack Team has developed a special guide on card counting. In general, there are two types of hands in blackjack.

Betting options

In Blackjack, players have many options when it comes to their betting options. Besides the standard blackjack bet, players can also make optional side bets. Side bets are commonly made when the dealer’s up card is revealed or when the player’s first few cards are exposed. These bets are made for the formation of a certain poker hand such as a Straight, Flush, or Three of a Kind.