Are Live Casinos As Real As You Think?

live casino

While playing live casino games can be more enjoyable than standard casino games, they do have a few drawbacks. They are slower than standard games and have time limits, so you may find it frustrating to experience slow player response or other technical issues. Furthermore, live casinos are streamed from a dedicated studio, so choppy connections are to be expected from time to time. However, these drawbacks can be compensated by the advantages of live casinos.

Real-life dealers

Unlike an online casino, a real-life dealer in a live casino is real, not a computer. The live dealer is on the other side of the table. You can interact with the dealer by watching him deal out cards and chips. Live dealers are perfect for players who might be nervous about the real thing, or who want to hide their hand from a fellow player. You can play several games in a single game session.

High-resolution video streams

When deciding to offer live casino games online, operators should take into consideration the quality of video stream. High-resolution video streams provide a better view of the game than standard webcams can. Traditionally, live casino games were streamed from real casinos, but this had its disadvantages. Real-life casinos tend to block video cameras, and webcams rarely capture high-resolution video. Luckily, technology has progressed to dedicated studios, which are specially designed to capture every detail in high-resolution video streams.


A live casino simulates a traditional casino environment, with a live croupier and dealer managing the bets and conversing with players. There are chat boxes where players can interact with each other during the game, and the pace and betting calls follow the natural pace of play in a real casino. Many players enjoy the interaction and competitive edge of playing in real time. But, the question is, are these games as authentic as you think they are?

License requirements

When establishing an online casino, a license is a critical component. A license forces the platform to adhere to certain standards, including age verification and security of players’ information. Additionally, it ensures that online casinos comply with the laws in the country they are based in. Additionally, a licensed online casino is more likely to employ random number generation systems to generate winnings and minimize the chances of fraud. So, what are the license requirements for a live casino?


The benefits of playing live casino games are many. Besides the thrill of playing against a real dealer, players can meet new friends and socialize in the process. Playing against a live dealer also provides an opportunity to test one’s skills against others. Players are also able to interact with the dealer through a chat box. In short, playing a live casino game offers a social gaming experience that no other online casino can offer.